Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

I go in waves of listening to audiobooks (always non-fiction) and when I find a good one, I am so stoked! I had gotten a 3 month trial to Scribd in the summer and had dived into Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Yes, it took me three months to finish it- not because it was bad (it was amazing!) but because time just passed. But last night, I walked through Manhattan for 3 hours to finally finish the final stretch and I was glad I savored it for so long! It was so good!

Since it was an audiobook, I don't have any cozy photos to accompany, and it really just felt like a 12 hour funny and smart podcast about dating during our time and funny polls and experiences instead of a long book. After listening to the book narrated by the author, I can't imagine actually sitting down and reading the book because his voice and emphasis was so perfect and funny, it made it so much better. I really suggest this book because it covers every aspect of dating through out life; whether you are single and want to be, or married and happy, or unhappy and want the opposite situation. Take a listen- or just dive in right away. 

On Scribd: I was a big fan of Oyster before it went under recently, and Scribd is super similar with a great library and an easy interface to navigate. Scribd now has a one-book-a-month subscription, which was kinda a bummer, but I get it. Its $8 or so a month and if you read a ton digitally/ listen to audiobooks, don't want to use the library and don't want to own, its a good source!