BookRiot Live!

I had bought tickets to BookRiot Live pretty much the day I found out I was moving to New York. BookRiot is a really cool blog + youtube community of book lovers and fandom in general and this year, they hosted their first ever book convention! Two days of panels, podcast recordings, book signings, publishing vendors, so on. I had preregistered to a few panels that I was so excited about; Margaret Atwood speaking about writing the unknown, Dear Book Nerd podcast recording, a panel about how books are made from author up to publicity after being published, so on. The two days were amazing!!! Here is a recap:

Litographs, which turns text from literature into designs, did a 'tattoo chain' for the first two chapters of The Handmaidens Tail to celebrate Margaret Atwood being the key speaker. The second photo in this block is Atwood sitting with them, getting the first sentence on her hand! They gave temporary tats to those who were into it, took their photo on the spot, and printed and posted on a massive wall. 


Brooklyn Library did a book request swap which I should have taken more advantage of and filled out TEN instead of one. There was a forum where you listed your favorite books, as well as styles/books you aren't into, then handed it to one of the rad ladies. I came back a few hours later and picked up the bookmark with new book suggestions! I was so excited because I own The Interestings and Euphoria and when I told the librarian, she was like, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU TWO MORE THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF THEN! So sweet. 

Picked up a bunch of shirts + totes from Out Of Print clothing, and the Harry Potter Alliance! 

The Harry Potter Alliance is a really awesome organization that brings attention to activism through Harry Potter fandom essentially. This weekend, the founder was in a bunch of cool panels about diversity in publishing, but also put on a RAD book exchange. People brought books on Saturday, got this neat voucher, came back on Sunday and picked an alternate book. I dropped off Dept. Of Speculation, which I had finished in the lobby of the convention and had this intense exchange with a stranger about HOW GOOD IT WAS (more to come later) and got in return, The Windup Chronicle. The branding for the library swap was really neat and was one of my favorite parts of the weekend! 

I did an Instagram shout out of these stickers give aways, but I have a few left! Bookwitty is a new bookish platform for sharing content and connection, I registered this weekend and they just launched, so I am excited to start diving into it! 

I can't really pinpoint my favorite part, but seeing this booth was totally a celeb-feeling moment. I stumbled upon Call Me Ishmael  about 6 months ago somehow, and I was so so obsessed with it! Its a website that publishes anonymous voicemail that people call in and leave regarding their favorite book + a life moment. Its pretty neat and overwhelming. I HIGHLY HIGHLY SUGGEST scrolling around. But the people who run it are doing a kickstarter to get these old phones to promote reading! I have listened to a bunch of em since rediscovering them, but listened to a few while at the convention this weekend and got a little choked up. Listening to a stranger talk about an emotion that I have towards a specific book is a pretty weird experience, but really beautiful. 

BookRiot Live was amazing. I felt so giddy being around people with the same interests as me in a not pretentious and elite way, it was super refreshing and inspiring! Thanks so much to ALL attendees, vendors, speakers, and people involved. It was a perfect passion project weekend.