The Winter Girl by Matt Marinovich

In early December, I got the opportunity to read a few books that are set to be published in 2016, months before they were released, in digital form. I used to be really hooked to my kindle, but in the past few years, buying and displaying books has been a huge part of my love for the bookish world, so I haven't been as active in the digital way. But I was on a bus to DC to visit a friend and had finished the book I brought, so downloaded The Winter Girl and dived in. I wish I would just keep diving! Don't let my lack of photos fool you- it's literally only because I read it so fast (and am still a bit hungover from it) that the photo section is small. OMG. This book. 

The story is a psychological thriller, following a husband and wife who are spending a few winter months in the Hamptons, taking care of the wife's father, on his death bed. The husband becomes obsessed with a neighboring house, whose lights are mysteriously set on a timer. The story unfolds in a twisted way as secrets become truths between the wife's family, and the husband is caught trying to figure out which side to believe. It is jam packed with twists and turns and drenching in pure evil characters- the perfect recipe for a quick and addicting suspense novel. 

"The worst decisions never let you go. They come circling back, even on the best days, to find you." - Matt Marinovich, The Winter Girl

I read this book in such a flash and it made me a little queasy after; like being hung over, stuck in a car where you don't know the end destination, driving through a winter flatland, stuck in a car with someone you don't trust, and while you are sure nothing good can come of it, can have to see it through. Im just a sucker for story lines that stars a couple who don't really know each other at all, or a really cheesy and fantastic who-dun-it. 

I really hate to pull the Gone Girl (BOOK ONLY, PEOPLE) card, because thats a really poor comparison and the two are very different, but it's something most people in 2015 have read and can relate to (in the sense of reading it, not in the sense of faking your own murder). It moves very quickly and I was instantly hooked- so if you are one of those people that need a quick decision, this is for you! It was joyfully entertaining. 

**There are a few heavily suggestive sexual assault passages, so if that kind of thing triggers you to the point of not being able to read further (obviously it's not the best thing to read about, but if it really freaks you out)- I wouldn't get into this. It's not super gruesome, but I was a little surprised by it and figured that when I do recommend it to friends, I would selectively. If you can't handle Law & Order SVU, this might be on the same scale. If you CAN handle staying up all night to find out what the hell exactly is going on,  I suggest this.

I sacrificed almost an entire night of good rest of this story (4AM- OMG), tell me if you do too.

*The Winter Girl is set to published on January 19, 2015. I actually saw a few copies in the basement of Strand Bookstore in NYC. But hold tight if you don't have Strand access.