the start

I have thought for at least 7 years that I should start a blog to put all my very restless energies and multiple obsessions in one place, but always think its too late to start. I am kicking myself- if I would have started all the 100 times I had planned, I wouldn’t be here writing this in general.

I envy and stalk bloggers that post about films, books, health, traveling, shooting film, stationary, wood working, so many random things and their consistency is so amazing!! I have a few quick goals with keeping a blog; hopefully pointing people in the direction that ask me weekly ‘what they should read next,’ getting people who ‘hate’ reading excited about reading (or listening) to the right thing, meeting other book lovers, and sticking to something that I am passionate about.

I don’t really have a platform to give advice on what to read because I skip all over place and will pretty much devour anything that anyone I respect suggests to me and I don’t believe in a ‘bad book’- yes even YA fiction and Nicholas Sparks, if you’re rolling your eyes right now, stop being a jerk! I have loved so many books that don't really fit into a style genre but there is something epic and wonderful about each of them.

** There are thousands of book blogs in the world that give in-depth opinions and ratings which are great and have helped me discover so many things. But I am a big believer on forming your own opinion, I like to be challenged, and so many times the joy in loving something is that most people don't! I have the intention of not spoiling books and getting super into detail and give rating (even though the internet tells me thats the first step to being a book blogger) because I have been on the hunt for a book blog that doesn't do that- but feels like you are sitting with them on their couch while they geek out over something 'you have to read next. or even 'hey I just read this, and I didn't super love it but these were interesting things I remembered from it.' 

About 20 times a day I look around and think ‘should I just exit wherever I am and pack my car and blankets and stop talking to everyone I know and live in a cabin and read for the rest of my life?’ That’s unrealistic because I love people and on most days, I really like where I am at. But I spend an embarrassing amount of my money on books, a TON of my time researching what to read next, and probably 75% of my free time reading (but I still am really really into binge watching TV, too.) I just want somewhere to put my book energy! Alas! Join me on the journey.