It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

Like many books I have been consuming lately, It Was Me All Along was featured on many 'top lists' for non-fiction on blogs and in so many magazines in early 2015. A food blogger I had back and forth stumbled upon over the past few years, Andie Mitchell, finally came out with a book about her insane 135 pound weight loss journey and while her blog touched on it a bit, I was excited to finally hear about it more in-depth. Andie is a late-twenty-something who actually kept off the weight and was willing to talk about it candidly, which seems like something you would be able to read a ton of accounts of, but I have scoured the internet for relevant stories for over a year and its either vague accounts, or completely unrelatable. I sped through this book and so many times took pictures of passages and sent to various friends saying 'OMG we were just talking about this,' or other exasperated similarities. 

The book is the account of Andie Mitchell's relationship with food to replace emotions throughout her rough childhood, and after losing 135 pounds in college, the reality of how that impacted her health mentally and physically. 

It Was Me All Along

Between April and December of 2014, I lost 80 pounds which felt pretty sudden. There is much more emotion attached to that and many times I felt like I couldn't articulate this huge change- until I read Andie's book. She talks about the need to emotionally overeat, the experience of taking the weight of and how people treat you differently, and the odd spiral after of realizing you are still the same person but with a different body, just doing the opposite and not always in the healthiest way. It hit a bit too close to home and during much of the book was both embarrassed and relieved that she had gone through a really similar experience and relationship with food and health. 

"How do you walk away from all you’ve ever been?" - Andie Mitchell, It Was Me All Along

This memoir was super quick, at times felt like her life wrapped up too nicely (she met a movie producer at a coffee shop after graduating college and having no idea what to do next with her life, and spent the summer assisting on Shutter Island, going to parties with Leo DiCaprio- WHAT) I still really enjoyed it and appreciated how raw it was. Being able to articulate your feelings is one thing, but being bold enough to share something like being obese is such a brave thing. It reminded me why I love reading so much, because for all the times you think you the first to feel an emotion, someone from such a different life has already scribbled down the thought that you hadn't arrived at yet, but were very close to. 

This was a really great read and added to the always challenging and life progress of loving your body and being healthy while being realistic and honest! It touches on insecurity and depression really accurately and still really poignant.  And finally, she talks a ton about her relationship with her mom which was really sweet and made me send a card to my mom telling her hi, if that isn't enough to encourage you to read it, WHAT ELSE WILL? :) 

If you can't commit to the full book (I get it, there are so many out there) but tempted, then watch her TED talk or visit her blog. She is coming out with a cookbook soon too!