Tampa by Alissa Nutting

Okay. I haven’t read Lolita yet, so this book is based on a biased opinion of the book Tampa, nothing else. In my previous post I talked about wanting to get away from the Bestseller lists, and I found Tampa on a friends Goodread (which is pretty common!) and I rented it from the Library. I don’t usually dive into reviews before I read something because I can’t really trust them, everyone has such a different perspective and I would rather make up my own mind! And I am glad, because after I read this and did some research everyone was OUTRAGED at how gross this book was. Hehe, I loved it. (The book and the upset reviews.)

The book is about a hot and young Middle School teacher who is married to a Cop who comes from money, but she has a sexual obsession with 14 year old boys. So much, that she became a Middle School teacher solely so she could pry on lovers. Whaaaaa. She meets a boy named Jack, and their paths entwine in such a twisted and sick way, I hated it and could not look away at the same time. I was obsessed with finishing it and also felt super gross for even possessing it.

There are some super graphic scenes which were pretty raw and shocking considering the situation, but ultimately I was so engrossed on how she got away with everything. Keeping a secret like that! So risky! Alissa Nutting does a super terrific job at pinpointing toxic and intense relationships- the more taboo, the better. 

I wish I knew the people who were writing these outrageous reviews because I am so intrigued at how this book was even published. Not in a sense of ‘how was this allowed!’ but how the author pitched it and was casual about it. Its such a taboo topic, and to add the female perspective of a truly evil and manipulative character isn’t something I read about much. It reminded me of Gone Girl in a lighter way because of the inner monologue of the female character.

I would secretly suggest this book to lots of people, but if you hate it, I totally understand and also kinda want to grab coffee and talk about it ASAP. I read it so fast I feel like I wasn’t even able to really digest it. It reminded of The Dinner by Herman Koche in the same way that I had a pit in my stomach after, hated every single character, and couldn't look away. Can I meet the author now?