A Year in Review of Reading in 2016

The past 365 days have been flooded with fantastic reads + an even longer list than the previous years of finished books. I love sharing my admiration for reads + sharing/suggestions with friends almost as much as I love rushing through these books! Some major bookish milestones this year range from sticking to a fantastic bookclub with my work buddies (discovered new favorite reads!) + spending 6 solo days in Copenhagen reading + wandering bookstores. Almost every Saturday morning of the year I spent reading + drinking coffee in bed, wrapping up the book of the week to properly launch the weekend, and despite 2016's waves of highs + lows, reading (as always) has been the one constant saving grace that I am so thankful for! All ten of the below are absolute must-reads to anyones list, as it's a range of topic, style, publication year, and more! I seriously could not get enough of all ten. 


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