Find Her by Lisa Gardner

I hope I never live in a time where we are not obsessed with crime fiction because there are so many epic and dramatic novels to choose from and Find Her should be at the top of your list. I read it in a total of four days- mostly because it just kept unfolding into a twisted nightmare of unrealistic terror, but also because I couldn't look away. 

The story follows Flora Dane from a few different perspectives; her 472 day stint of being kidnapped, her post-victim life of trying to solve crimes, and her second round of disappearance (gasp!). The narrative goes deep into some weird twists with her kidnapper and some spotlight on her eventual Stockholm Syndrome of sorts, and while it is pretty unrealistic and extreme, it was such a gross page-turner, PERFECT FOR A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY. 

I write a lot on this blog how I don't really understand (not that I don't comprehend or grasp it, but that I think its not an accurate thing) the concept 'beach/summer reads,' but this would seriously be it. I read it mostly in a too-trendy-for-me coffee shop in Brooklyn and its references of trashy-trucker-stop narrative didn't really blend in, but I would totally recommend it for a quick poolside obsession. It you are into Gillian Flynn (not Gone Girl, but Dark Places) you would totally love this book; I didn't know what was happening until the end, I felt a bit queasy but still couldn't get a enough, and I had a mild and boring love/hate with all the characters. 

**If you are into crime fiction in general and can't get enough, another really fantastic blog that focuses on ONLY the good stuff is which is how I heard about Find Her! Go go go!