Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

I won a pre-release of Emma Straub's new summer read Modern Lovers from the publisher on Instagram with my best friend and was super thrilled for a few reasons; cross-country BFF bookclub!, Emma Straub lives in my hood, I read her other hit The Vacationers last summer and was pretty delighted by it, and her new novel was based on two families who live in Brooklyn- so yeah, lots to be into. I zipped through Modern Lovers in a solid four days, it was even better than I expected!

The story follows two families that are tied by the parents being childhood friends, who hit fame in college for a band they were in, moved to Brooklyn, had a kid each, and the kids become romantically involved while the parents are off having their own unique mid-crises. Each mini chapter switches perspective between the six different characters- making for a quick and light read. There are so many twists and character plots in this book that kept me interested; a dad who comes from money and becomes obsessed with a sketchy yoga studio, his wife who is a real-estate agent for brownstones in Brooklyn and lives in a bubble, their son who is teachers pet but falls in love with his childhood play-mate, the childhood play-mate who is a recent high school grad with no direction, and her two moms- who own a trendy restaurant and are on the verge of divorce. 

This is such a quick and witty 'summer read' (I hate that term, but you get it) and I loved spending a weekend diving into all quirky relationships. Each chapter is brief and switches perspectives, making it rush along and making me want more! Emma Straub has such a neat way of portraying several view points at once that echo each other and she always puts these quirky spins on family dynamics. I love reading mashed up perspectives like this and it always reminds me that whenever I am stuck in my own head, those around me are dealing with their own inner thoughts and turmoils- creepy. My magic-8 ball is telling me this will be in every bookstore window next to a beach-towel and/or quickly promoted by Reese Witherspoon, obviously good reasons to hop on the train. Enjoy!

** This book is set to publish on May 31st.