A Pageworm Bookish Venture: Fort Greene Brooklyn

Happy Independent Bookstore Day! One of the highest things on my list of favorite things about living in NYC is the abundance of fantastic Indie Bookstores in such a small radius. Unfortunately, I am spending my day at airports + (currently, thanks, WiFi) on a flight back home to the Bay Area and am missing what is typically a glorious day of hopping + shopping at all my favorites stores. The best way to make up for this? Spending the holiday-eve in ritual, bookstore + food wandering. 

On this (new!) edition of Bookish Venture, I wandered not far from my apartment to a beautiful + well-curated bookstore on the main strip of Fort Greene, on the first evening of 75-degree weather of the season. 

Shopping: Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene/Brooklyn

Eating: The Greene Grape Annex

Reading: Currently, 1984 by George Orwell

Unsure what the public opinion is of Subway commuting, but I love it because I can 1) people watch 2) sit and read 3) look at cool or comically terrible ads. It's an extra special win when publishing houses promote new books or TV networks promote new shows based on books. LIKE THE HANDMAIDS TALE, which is.... whoa, uber fantastic. Handmaids is one of my favorite reads, Elisabeth Ross is one of my favorite actresses, and visually stunning shit is obviously superb. If ya haven't watched it, stop what you are doing now and head over to Hulu. 

Greenlight Bookstore is the popular older sister in the family of Brooklyn bookshops and for all the right reasons; they host the most legit author events (and incredibly impressive ones), the bookstore is spacious and unique, the actual book selections are well curated and displayed, and its featured in such an awesome neighborhood. 

Across the street from Greenlight is a fantastic place called the Greene Grape Annex, which is interchangeable from a fantastic day time coffee shop to a cozy wine bar in the evenings. I actually had only been here for coffee but saw the lights on + a few customers so wandered in around 8 and am now internally debating which setting I like best! Each time I have been during the day, I have lucked out with grabbing a seat (in their uber cozy leather never-get-up chairs) so heading there at night and having multiple seat options with great cocktails and small plates was a double win. It's hard to find resturants or cafes that you can sit + get lost in a book at because everywhere is so vibrant and busy, but the Annex has a great welcoming vibe. 

I am currently reading 1984 for the first time and am enjoying taking my time with it and underlining passages every 4 pages. I have been rushing through lighter reads for the past few months that were completely enjoyable but not entirely stimulating, so its been super enjoyable. 

If you don't venture to Brooklyn often, or when you do, only head to Dumbo to take photos with the bridge (no judgement, I do that too) I highly suggest wandering around Greenepoint + obviously, stopping at both Greenlight Books and Green Grape Annex!