A Pageworm Bookish Venture: Modesto, California

A great friend of mine is tying the knot this weekend in San Francisco, so I headed back to California for the week for a fantastic reunion tour. I grew up about 100 miles from the Bay Area + haven't been home since I moved to NY in 2015, so headed back to the Modesto for a mini reunion tour. OMG California suburbs are best when spent poolside!

It feels like for every 3 corporate chain bookstores in the suburbs (the ratio is probably even worse than that), there is one local independent store, and the one close to my heart with rotating bookish quotes on the marquee is Yesterday's Books! They have an overwhelming amount of books to sift through and chairs to sit + indulge in around each corner. 

My dad drove me back to the City after 72 hours spent reading poolside + eating my way through all my favorite old hangs, but we had to stop at this fried gizzards spot called Twin Rivers Saloon off highway 132 outside of the Central Valley that my dad kept mentioning (I skipped the gizzards but obviously indulged in a 1pm IPA). I really miss the Valley, it's so polar opposite of my surroundings now and there is such local culture in places like the Saloon. Even despite roads being plowed down to expand for more traffic (eye roll), it's cool that dollars-on-the-wall hangs can still sustain themselves. MORE RANCH PLS. 

I ended up only leaving with one book over 72 hours, I was proud of myself. I have been wanting the boxed set of 1Q84 three split book edition by Haruki Murakami since the first time I saw it back in 2011 at McNally Jackson (my first time in NYC!) but haven't been able to justify the purchase. Each time I was actually willing to spend on the book, I couldn't find it anywhere. I knew it was fate when I found it at Yesterday's Books (NOT EVEN USED) for a magical $9!!!!! Seriously, moments like that are the gold of spending hours and hours book hunting.