A Pageworm Bookish Adventure: City Lights Bookstore

After the day in Oakland spent at Walden Pond Books, I headed to San Francisco for a Little Italy afternoon of Golden Boy Pizza (OMG YUM) + City Lights Bookstore, the Bay Area landmark of independent bookstores and the mother of the beatnik generations. I love this spot for three main reasons: awesome neighborhood of day-long-coffee-sipping cafes, an overwhelming amount of natural light, and a superior collection of literary fiction with beautiful editions and rows and rows of staff suggestions. 

There are lots of reasons I loved living in San Francisco, but one of my favorites things was the pride in locals makers + designers. I saw a fantastic illustrator I had been following for years a few years back at a talk where she chatted about all her best projects, one being her Penguin Drop Cap series. Beautiful, right? Spotting Jessica Hische's work in the wild always feel like a treat (although, its hard to avoid- she even did the Moonrise Kingdom lettering!) and can always count on City Lights for keeping hers + the Penguin linen classics on the shelves. 

I could go on and on about how special + pretty City Lights is and if you haven't been (and to San Francisco, OMG!!!) go immediately, ya won't soon forget it. It's also incredibly photogenic- double win.