A Pageworm Bookish Adventure: Walden Pond Books

Walden Pond Books might be my favorite bookstore in the Bay Area; beautiful wooden floors + lighting, an abundance of staff suggestions, and located in the very best neighborhood of local businesses. Sitting in Grand Lake area of Oakland, California, the store could take hours to sift through to find the best reads (and omg, the best prices of used books- HOW TO CHOOSE) between finding odd editions you've been hunting for + new suggestions you haven't heard of yet. 

I wandered there with my friend while visiting the Bay Area this week on a stunning 75 degree day. I have been here countless of times in the evenings and really love this neighborhood, so was pretty surprised when all the amazing local food shops were closed mid-day until dinner- but if you wander over, head to Boot + Shoe Service! Amazing cocktails + wood fired pizza, bummed I missed out and sorry for no pics of cheese on cards that I have been craving. 

I bought Dave Egger's Zeitoun on this trip in an attempt to only shop for local authors- but rahhhh, it was super hard to narrow down. I have read two of Eggers books and felt polar opposite about each, love + hate. What Is the What was great and is one of my favorite reads in general and have heard from other book preference friends that Zeitoun is on par as well, I'll report back when I get through my next 200 to-be-read list.